A64 Provides ZERO Real Protection

By Donkey_Hotay – Westword Blogger

A64 = a Continuation of Criminal Prohibition, with extra restrictions and taxes added.

A64 does NOT legalize marijuana — not even close

A64 = a FRAUD promoted by LYING LIARS who are paid to promote their amoral LIES.

The Prevaricating Pimps promoting A64 have been caught COLD habitually lying during their campaign of deception — they LIED about an endorsement from the Colorado Democratic Convention, they LIED about Pat Robertson and fabricated his endorsement without his permission, they LIED when they claimed it would prevent 10,000 arrests annually, they LIED with outrageous disregard when they published their bogus economic study, which was based upon total fraud.

— A64 will provide ZERO reductions in arrests for possession under its paltry 1 (one) ounce limit, further restricted to those over 21 yrs old, as Colorado Statute has since 1977 decriminalized the possession of marijuana, including those 18 yrs old and up, and current Statutory recreational decrim is set at up to 2 (two) ounces — twice the amount allowed by A64 and without the arbitrary age restriction.

— A64 will provide ZERO reductions in arrests for cultivation, as its absurd, unsustainable puny limit of only 3 (three) flowering plants does not incorporate or cover any real-world marijuana growers. There have been no reported incidents of anyone over 21 being arrested or prosecuted for growing only 3 flowering plants.

*** Total savings in Arrests or Prosecutions under A64’s absurdly tiny limits = ZERO !! ***

The outrageous deliberate habitual lies and fraud being used by Tvert, Vicente and the others behind the pathetically vacuous A64 would make Karl Rover blush with embarrassment.

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