A64 is the Marijuana Tax Act for the 21st Century


The Prohibitive Marijuana Tax Act of 1937

By The Herb Museum, Vancouver, Canada

In the secret Treasury Department meetings conducted between 1935 and 1937 prohibitive tax laws were drafted and strategies plotted. ‘Marijuana’ was not banned outright; the law called for an “Occupational excise tax upon deals, and a transfer tax upon dealings in marijuana”.

Importers, manufacturers, sellers and distributors had to register with the Secretary of the Treasury and pay the occupational tax. Transfers were taxed at $1 an ounce; $200 an ounce if the dealer was unregistered. Sales to an unregistered taxpayer were prohibitively taxed. At the time, “raw drug” cannabis sold for one dollar an ounce. The year was 1937. New York State had exactly one narcotics officer.

Fast forward to 2012, and the new form of “legalization” now results in more police with badges to enforce new prohibition laws masquerading as “legalization”.

Marijuana Enforcement Division Badge

Colorado Regulator Badge – Colorado Department of Revenue Marijuana Criminal Enforcement Division – Simulated Design Based on Actual Medical Marijuana Criminal Badge


Regulators are not your friends.

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